RainMaker Sales Support Sample Reports

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Sample Reports

[img src=]2760Sample Reports
This is a Showcase of the reports we provide our clients. The data you want & need is the data we give you, period. [click FS below to view in Full Screen]
[img src=]5210SAMPLE apopintment sheet for sales
[img src=]5830Sample Priority Report
Based on your criteria, we will give you a report outlining the priority of our process.<br /> [click FS below to view in Full Screen]
[img src=]4830
[img src=]4450Notes/History Report
The best salesmen in the world know their customers. We aim to document everything, uncover advantages and disadvantages for your benefit. Sales is a relationship business, those who maintain strong relationships will succeed.
[img src=]3720
[img src=]2860Sample statistics for the website 2015

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