Data Collection

it all starts with a name!

dvIf you were handed a list of companies ranked by membership potential, what would that be worth to you?

Spending time on the telephone getting contact names or gathering other information is very time consuming – it keeps membership directors on the telephone, the last place they should be.

The RainMakers will hand you a list, complete with contact names, e-mail, and other information, prioritized in “A”, “B” and “C” format. You then have an incredible tool around which to plan your marketing strategy. Let RainMaker Sales Support do the groundwork to make your membership efforts productive.

  • ybLegacy data clean up
  • Correct contact names acquired
  • Spelling of names are verified
  • Phonetic spellings provided
  • Titles and e-mail addresses included
  • Professional phone etiquette
  • Seasoned Reps will find multiple contacts in an organization
  • Opportunities are prioritized based on your criteria