The Right List Gets You the Right Accounts!

accent-leadQuite often when you buy a prospect list, you turn to a list broker. Your goal is to get just the prospects that fit. Their goal is to sell you the biggest list they can.

With the RainMakers we take the time to understand your business and to work with you to develop a very targeted list. Sometimes it’s a list of 50; other times it’s a list of 50,000.The sales process all begins with a good list. RainMaker Sales Support will be your partner in developing it.

  • Extremely experienced at narrowing down target prospects
  • Only purchase what you need
  • Dozens of search criteria available (Number of employees, sales volume, number of PCs, square footage, etc.)
  • Get your list FAST!


It all starts with a name

If you were handed a verified list of buyers, complete with information on how likely they are to buy from you, what would that be worth?

Spending time on the telephone getting contact names or gathering other information is very time consuming – it keeps a sales rep in the office, the last place they should be.

The RainMakers will hand you a list, complete with contact names, e-mail, and other information, prioritized in “A”, “B” and “C” format. You then have an incredible tool to plan your marketing strategy around. Let RainMaker Sales Support do the groundwork to make your sales efforts productive.

  • Correct contact names acquired
  • Spelling of names are verified
  • Phonetic spellings provided
  • Titles and e-mail addresses included
  • Professional phone etiquette
  • Seasoned Reps will find multiple contacts in an organization
  • Opportunities are prioritized based on your criteria

accent-apptProspecting is a numbers game, and we play it well

Sales Representatives have many things on their shoulders. When they do have time for prospecting, it is often sporadic. The RainMakers offer you the tenacity and professionalism you are looking for in your prospecting efforts. We get you appointments with the people you want to meet.

When you work with RainMaker Sales Support, we make sure to leave no stone unturned.

  • Develop a targeted prospect list, or work from the list you provide
  • Determine who is the decision maker
  • Call to introduce your company to that decision maker
  • Send out information when requested by your prospects
  • Prioritize the opportunities based on your criterion
  • Set appointments for your sales people with qualified decision makers
  • Send a confirmation letter for the appointment
  • Appointments include door to door directions, all notes from the conversations, and other valuable information

accent-prospectProfessional Persistence Pays off

Consistent contact will ensure that your company name is in their head when the time is right. Let the RainMakers take your prospects from first contact to being new buyers.

  • Develop a marketing strategy that could include calls, mailings, ad specialty items, etc.
  • RainMaker will handle the prospect until they are ready to BUY
  • Regular contact by a seasoned sales professional
  • Keep your sales rep’s name and company name in the buyer’s mind
  • Appointed account rep develops a positive rapport on your behalf with your prospects

accent-salestrainContinued Learning Keeps you in the Game

Whether it’s a new rep or an established closer, all sales people can benefit from input and refresher courses.

The RainMakers will give you a new perspective on the skill that is “sales”.

  • Review your sales process
  • In-house sales training
  • Sales seminars
  • Sales pipeline accountability
  • Role playing
  • Close rate statistics

accent-salesMarket exposure is half the battle

RainMaker Sales Support can not only open doors for you, but we can close the sale for you as well. We help you gain new customers.

  • Manage your repeat business so you have time to close new business
  • Be proactive rather than reactive
  • Re-sell dormant accounts
  • Maintain sales in a territory where you no longer have a sales rep

accent-clientMore representation equals more sales

Keeping in contact with your clients is imperative to keeping their business.

Calling those clients that you haven’t heard from in a while is the only way to get their business back. No one in sales can escape the sales process.

  • Revisit dormant accounts
  • Handle periodic contact with your account base
  • Conduct customer surveys
  • Maintain client notes in a territory as you train a new rep

accent-tradeMake us your trade show partner

To make a trade show turn into sales you must contact every single person that comes by your booth. Let the RainMakers find those needles in the haystack that are your true prospects. We can turn your trade show dollars into sales!

  • Call existing customers, and personally invite them to the show
  • Call prospects, and set up specific times for them to visit your booth
  • Follow up with hospitality room invitations and confirmations
  • Immediate follow up on all contacts gathered at the show
  • Identify the best sales opportunities
  • Post trade show surveys