Top 10 Reasons sales organizations should consider using RainMaker Sales Support.

1. You have top producers that could produce more, if some of their ground work and on going contact were handled for them.
2. You have sales reps that are great once they get in front of a prospect, but dread the prospecting involved to get there.
3. You invest in trade shows, and no one follows up on the prospects that drop by your booth.
4. You have reps with large territories that need professionals who can prospect for them, keeping travel schedules in mind
5. You want to keep in contact with prospects after you have met with them, but don’t have the CRM program, or staff, or time, to implement such a program in house
6. You want an outside agency to do a client survey for you, to find out what your clients like, or what they’d like to see you do better.
7. You have several sales people on staff, and you’d like an incentive to offer them for outstanding performance…such as having their prospecting done for them!
8. You don’t check in with your clients regularly, and would like them to get a quarterly phone call
9. You lose a rep, and need someone to maintain the territory until you replace that rep